MORDILLO – Thank you!

In honour and in celebration of the great artist Mordillo, two motifs can be found in the new programme: A ship full of bulbous noses (totally through the wind 😊) and for the first time his favourite clown. Thanks for everything, Mordillo!!!










EBOY – Pixorama

1,000 parts each, but millions of pixels: the cool city views of the artist trio eBoy are hard to beat in terms of richness of detail, colour and ideas. Not even when it comes to the fun of finding the countless stars and sights.

MOY MACKAY – Felted Art

Sensational what Moy Mackay can conjure out of felt! Her colourful, atmospheric landscapes of wool and silk fibres with embroidery are true works of art. You puzzle your way directly to Scotland, so to speak – wonderful!

ILONA RENY– Pixie Dust

All kinds of surreal creatures, plants and things enliven Ilona Reny’s playful dream worlds. They cavort in trendy designed scenes and make puzzling the motives an exciting journey of discovery.


PABUKU – Quirky World

In an antiquarian world map from around 1840, the PABUKU design team has incorporated many interwoven graphics that tell bizarre and colourful stories – true to the motto “Normal is only an illusion”.


VOKA – People: Frida

The most beautiful Frida of all! VOKA’s unmistakable painting style, which develops from the dynamics of the moment and which he calls “spontaneous realism”, transforms an old photographic representation into an expressive puzzle motif.

Wandschmuck gefällig

Neben unseren exklusiven Puzzles bietet Heye Kalender eine breite Palette hochwertiger Produkte. Hier finden Sie nicht nur unsere “Klassiker” wie Helme Heine, Mordillo und Loriot, sondern auch spektakulären Naturaufnahmen, Tier-, Sport-, Kinderkalender und vieles mehr.Heye-Kalender-klein

Unser Presseservice

kalender-blogAktuelle News, Pressetexte und Abbildungen zu all unseren Kalendern finden Sie in unserem speziellen Presseportal KALENDERBLOG. Hier gibt es außerdem die neusten Meldungen aus der Athesia Kalenderverlag GmbH, zu unseren Künstlern, Autoren und Fotografen, sowie Porträts, Pressestimmen und weitere interessante Branchenthemen.

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