Norman O’Flynn – Home

After his sensationally prophetic series “Timekeeper”, Norman O’Flynn has devoted himself to a new subject: interior design. His colourful style and impressive technique produce outstanding puzzles, not too easy, not too difficult and always exciting.








The Swiss artist Fredi Gertsch paints colourful pop art for humorous people under the label “Born in a fish, found a cow”. His cows are at home all over the world and conjure up a smile on every face!




ANDRÉ SANCHEZ – Metamorphosis

Butterflies – a favourite motif all over the world! Fans of the colourful fluttering creatures can enjoy André Sanchez’s stylish design with its enigmatic approach and surprising details.


ANDRÉ SANCHEZ – Fauna Fantasies

The French artist André Sanchez virtuously mixes existing elements to create something new. In his series “Fauna Fantasies” he creates unique and fascinating animal creatures that live in a kind of Garden of Eden.

Mordillo – Idyll

In the two-part puzzle “Idyll”, cartoon legend Mordillo shows his very special dreamland: a gently rolling landscape with everything it takes to have fun, relax and feel good all around. Wonderful when you have both parts ready and can put them together!


Map ART – Sara Drake

Australian artist Sara Drake combines her passions – travelling, sculpture, painting and 3D illustration – into one profession: she designs and produces elaborately crafted and individual world maps or globes for international customers. Fortunately, also for Heye Puzzles!


Wandschmuck gefällig

Neben unseren exklusiven Puzzles bietet Heye Kalender eine breite Palette hochwertiger Produkte. Hier finden Sie nicht nur unsere “Klassiker” wie Helme Heine, Mordillo und Loriot, sondern auch spektakulären Naturaufnahmen, Tier-, Sport-, Kinderkalender und vieles mehr.Heye-Kalender-klein

Unser Presseservice

kalender-blogAktuelle News, Pressetexte und Abbildungen zu all unseren Kalendern finden Sie in unserem speziellen Presseportal KALENDERBLOG. Hier gibt es außerdem die neusten Meldungen aus der Athesia Kalenderverlag GmbH, zu unseren Künstlern, Autoren und Fotografen, sowie Porträts, Pressestimmen und weitere interessante Branchenthemen.

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